Ten Most Known Fashion Trends

Ten Most Known Fashion Trends
Ten Most Known Fashion Trends

Ten Most Known Fashion Trends
Ten Most Known Fashion Trends

Ten Most Known Fashion Trends
Ten Most Known Fashion Trends

was a retro 90’s with chokers, flared 70’s jeans and jackets that took
us back to the 60’s. If you thought that the new year would mark the end
of the new take on the old, you’re wrong, because some of
who feel retro 2016 will live in the year 2017 with a particular
inclination, in the direction of 80 Therefore, while each season will
bring its own new trends, it is always good to know in advance what
could be the trend in the
Twelve months. Here are some tips on what to predict fashion experts that you can expect great fashion trends for 2017 are.

Platform shoes
The platform shoes make a comeback and this year is likely to be a case of thicker, better. Whether shoes and flat sandals or large heels, riseront shoes to be introduced throughout 2017.
Bell sleeves
There will be a finishing touch from the 80’s with large sleeves, such as bell sleeves, sleeves and sleeves bishop sheep. They are prone to appear in everything from nightwear to casual wear
and sleeves with ornamental details and flounces is going to be popular
as well.
Patches and Pins
Small accessories that can be used in everything from jackets, bags
were great in 2016, but they seem to have come to stay for a while, so
do not go to your multi-patch jackets on the back of the guards dressing
right away.
Red colors
The pastel and other colors are strongly described in the next season as well. Pastries are perfect for spring, but in 2017, you will probably hang
out later in the year than this in the form of skirts and red shorts.
people predict that persimmon is the neutral color that will bring the
number one in 2017 for everything from accessories to coats.
Kaki, it seems, will be the new black and white in 2017.
In another round to the 80’s, expect to find the wrinkled edges on the sleeves, necks and hems of pants and skirts. Although not as extreme as the new romantic fliers of the 1980s, the flight is expected to return this year.
Political statements
The US presidential election may be over, but the policy has just begun! T-shirts with big and bold political statements are the ones that are very likely to wear with your jeans in 2017.

High neckline
The décollettes crawl in 2017. The shirts dresses, you will most
likely find that in the next twelve months, necklines become more and
Night dresses
The spring / summer season looks like it’s going to be the season
dressed in bohemian style, so expect a lot of tiered layers, embroidered
details and a lot of silhouettes with bare shoulder.
Velvet, in all colors, is expected to be large in 2017 and beyond. Whether in dresses, jackets, coats or shoes; Velvet will be absolutely anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Ten Most Known Fashion Trends

Most, Ten, Ten Most Known

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