Fashion Jewelry – Neck Chains

Neck Chains
Neck Chains

Neck Chains
Neck Chains

Neck Chains
Neck Chains

Necklaces are a must, especially if you have to follow the three part rule. There are several types of channels on the market today that can be very daunting to choose the right piece according to your taste. Here are some popular channels today and the best way to use it to complete your computer.


Lanyard chains are one of the popular choices of necklaces, especially for those who wish to wear a pendant. A rope chain is composed of interlocking metal is gold, silver or platinum, plus the fabric is narrower, it is expensive as it uses more metal. In addition to wearing with a pendant, cord strings are perfect for braided collar design where the chain is the main draw.


The snake chain is both very popular among men and women because of its design. Instead of regular ties, it consists of rings that resemble the same as the body of a snake. Thin cords are common in women as it seems delicate, while most men prefer thicker. It can be used as a necklace or as a sticky and are perfect for dresses cut dresses.


For those looking for a simple way, the wheat chain is perfect. Wheat chains are made up of several interlaced links that form a thicker chain. This chain is perfect for those who are interested in simplicity, as it is not necessary to use other accessories to complement it. This chain is perfect for those who wear a low cut dress, but can also be a perfect accessory for elegant casual.


For men looking for the perfect fashion jewelry without the feminine air, the curb is good. The string is composed of several strings that confuse between them. What makes the brake choice for many men is that it tends to be heavier and larger in appearance. The modern version of the chain makes it available for women as it transforms into the smaller and more feminine style. Brake lines are a must for those in the nightlife as the possibility of the club or attending informal events.

Pearl / ball

The cord or a ball are common and are also very popular, as they can be standing or associated with a pendant. These chains are made of individual round beads with some distance between the beads. These chains are ideal for a tie or a long necklace or beads are large enough can be used as a one piece necklace.

Fashion Jewelry – Neck Chains

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