Opal Jewelry – Necklace

Opal Jewelry
Opal Jewelry

Opal Jewelry
Opal Jewelry

Opal Jewelry
Opal Jewelry

Opal jewelry comes in a wide variety of types and styles. What we mean by ‘types’ is that there are at least three types of opal gemstones inside the Australian country in three basic areas. South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. But this is not a class of geography. The focus is on the illusory and rare gem called “Opal”, which, according to historians, the meaning of a “color change”

From what we can determine, the first type of opal found on this great continent was rocky opal and it was in the state of Queensland in the northeast of the country.

For this article do not exceed too much, we will try to focus on this particular opal in relation to the tweezers and allow a discussion on white opal, opal crystal and opal black for another time.

As its name suggests, Boulder Opal is often found on very large rock stones and also small enough depending on the field. As opal miner removes the stones from the ground, he casts himself cautiously on the rock in search of fine veins of colors scattered in the mother stone.

With the help of large diamond saws, precious opal is gradually released from the matrix and as diamond files are stripped into colored veins, all sorts of colors and amazing patterns are revealed. Often, the similarities of nature seem to appear before your eyes.

Often, these are described as Opal “stone image” in the sense that the patterns that occur as opals are open veins often occur in interesting images. Some are in the image of recognizable objects like clouds, trees, animals, marine creatures, for example. Other times, the images are like an abstract oil painting.

Because most of this color must be recovered as it is, the Boulder opal is often cut free form rather than in a specific form such as oval, rectangle or square. This means that the necklace or a ring design comes with something out of the “norm” of jewelry and can often create very unique styles, create “unique pieces”

Therefore, the opal jewelry necklace that adorn your outfit will draw attention to something that is not known in past history. And as your body moves, you will see the “color change” that Opal is known to reflect because it reflects some or all of the colors of the rainbow sky nature. The science behind this is remarkable. In the next articles, we will see more details about how sunlight is divided into different colors because it strikes tiny spheres on the surface of this natural phenomenon.

Opal Jewelry – Necklace

Jewelry, Opal, Opal Jewelry

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